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Parent Support Group

Rulang Primary School taps on parents’ diverse strengths and expertise to enhance pupils’ holistic development by creating avenues for parental involvement as well as looking out for potential collaborations.

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Rulang’s Parents Support Group (PSG) was established in 2006. Since its inception, the PSG has played a pivotal role in engaging our existing parents in various school programmes which strengthen ties with the school. The PSG is also involved in Rulang’s Character Development Programme. These dedicated parents have participated in our annual Racial Harmony Day celebrations, CoffeeTalks and numerous other programmes, adding value to our pupils’ learning in the social and moral domains.

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Other activities undertaken by the PSG to support the school will include career talks at assembly time which serves as platforms for career guidance for our pupils, our Primary One Orientation and school functions such as the Nature Walk cum Sensory Trail and SkipFest. Seeing their parents involved in school programmes and events sends a strong signal to the pupils that their parents have an interest in their education thereby leading to stronger bonds forged within the family.

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