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About Rulang


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The school philosophy encapsulates our belief that given the right environment and support, all pupils can learn and achieve. Respecting the dignity of a child and contributing to his personal and collective happiness through provision of a quality education is at the heart of the Rulang’s brand of education. 

A Rulangnite is taught to never stop questioning, encouraged to blaze his own trail instead of accepting barriers, and to infuse the True Hearts culture and spirit into his everyday life. He learns to constantly push himself beyond what he thinks he is capable of through opportunities to explore areas in which he is interested in, such as robotics and various sports and performing arts, thus providing him with avenues for his leadership, talents and creativity to be nurtured. 

Rulang exemplifies a caring and nurturing community which allows pupils to express themselves freely in a respectful and dignified manner, yet without fear or prejudice. Acknowledging and appreciating pupils’ effort in striving for their personal best and celebrating their success is the key to building good relations with our pupils and to instill in them the school pride. 

We believe that every Rulangnite can achieve peaks of excellence by being the best that he can be in his chosen field. Upon completion of his primary education, he will graduate as an accomplished learner, al loyal citizen, an effective leader, a junior entrepreneur and a cosmopolitan. 



Rulang’s culture and working ethics is based on the acronyms TRUE HEARTs where every staff is valued and every effort recognized and celebrated. We want to instill in staff the joy of continual learning and the passion to go deep into their disciplines through customized professional development programmes. Recognizing the synergy of partnership and the importance of embracing of collaborative learning, Teacher-Learning Community (TLC) was set up in 2016 to drive the culture of holistic assessment and engaged learning in the classroom. Action research team spear-headed by the School Staff Developer and the team of Senior Teachers was also set up to nurture staff professional capabilities so that they can lead in their instructional practice. 

As a dynamic and innovative team, Rulang’s staff is highly committed to value-add to the education of our pupils from the heartlands through the customisation and design of school-based curriculum. Parents speak positively of Rulang’s staff and in the letters of compliments, it has been widely acknowledged that our staff is caring and dedicated, committed to bringing out the best in our pupils and making learning fun and engaging for them. 

The frequent staff dialogues and generative conversations, professional development opportunities and the collegial staff relationships formed have reaped positive results. The recent school climate survey conducted by MOE on organization culture indicated that a high percentage of staff in Rulang was actively engaged in the school. This meant Rulang has successfully captured the hearts and minds of our staff and has led them to desire to improve organization results. Not only that, our staff speaks positively of Rulang to others and has an intense desire and pride to be part of the Rulang family.