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Principal's Message

02_Mr Ong Kai Tiong Eugene.JPGRulang Primary School distinguishes herself as a school of excellence, with a long illustrious history and sterling reputation of providing her pupils with unique holistic educational experiences. The Rulang story started as far back as 1930 and a common thread binds generations of Rulangnites – one of innovative thinking, coupled with a passion to learn and excel and a selfless dedication through the school vision that they can lead, serve and contribute to society. From a humble village school of an enrolment of 34 pupils, Rulang has established herself to be one of the most sought after schools in Jurong.

The success story of Rulang is mainly attributed to the ‘people factor’. Rulang’s efforts in building impactful collaborations with our stakeholders and community are a testimony to our commitment of partnership development for a whole-community approach to nurturing the whole child. The progress, sustainability and success of our school would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our School Advisory Committee, Alumni Association, Parents Support Group, parents as well as our local and overseas strategic partners, all of whom have played significant roles in shaping the identity of Rulang. The commitment and dedication of both past and present school leaders, middle managers, teaching and non-teaching staff in ensuring that each and every Rulangnite is nurtured holistically serves to make education work for every child.

Opportunities and experiences are created for our pupils to develop their individual peaks of excellence, with emphasis on the cultivation of the 21st century competencies and skills so that they can stay relevant in this new economy. We offer a wide range of holistic and innovative programmes to ensure that our pupils grow into healthy, happy and responsible individuals and citizens of tomorrow. We want our pupils to be confident bilingual communicators who strive towards their own personal best with efficacy. They should have a passion for learning and work well with others, love our nation and serve with sincerity and integrity. Hence, the school focuses on nurturing our pupils’ character through a customised character and citizenship curriculum which is values-driven and pupil-centric.

Rooted in our TRUE HEARTs culture of excellence, collegiality and teamwork, we believe that the development of teachers’ capacities provide the engines of growth to the culture-building process so that our pupils are equipped with the essential skills and values to prepare themselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

The hallmark of a fine school is its capacity to build on tradition while keeping pace with the challenges ahead. We are confident that with the continued support of our SAC and Alumni and with the parents and community partnering us, we can work towards developing Rulang into a well-known school noted for her character development and genuine quest to empower each and every Rulangnite in his personal growth towards embracing a holistic education and innovation.


Mr Eugene Ong