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Learning for Life Programme (LLP) - Aesthetics Sports

STRIVE @ Rulang is a broad based programme for all pupils and is made enjoyable to ensure that they develop a positive association with physical activities. It is student-centric and adopts a holistic approach to their overall development. It provides an avenue for them to express themselves creatively through a variety of physical activities whilst integrating components of socialisation and collaboration.

STRIVE @ Rulang aims to provide pupils with an all-inclusive sporting and outdoor experience (broad based) whilst providing opportunities for those with greater interest and/or talent to further develop their strengths and interest (talent based). Rulang Primary has a structured Physical Education programme that spans from P1 to P6, Programme for Active Learning (PAL) which is targeted at P1 & P2 and a myriad of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) that are offered to the pupils from P3 to P6 through a skills, aptitude and interest based approach.

Rulang’s efforts in this area are steered by three main teaching strategies:
  1. Teaching Strategy 1: Games Concept Approach (GameFit)
  2. Teaching Strategy 2: Effort Support Learning (E.S.L.) thru GEMS:
    Grow with Energetic Movements and Shine
  3. Teaching Strategy 3: PLAY Strategy thru SPLASH: Students Learn,
    Play and Shine Happily (P1 to P3) & Fit For Life Programme (FFLP) (P4 to P6)

These three main teaching strategies permit all-inclusiveness as they are used in the teaching and learning of physical activities and knowledge, to cater to the different needs, interests, abilities and learning styles of all pupils. This programme provides a natural platform and valuable opportunities to inculcate 21st CC skills, namely, Active learner (Self-directed learner), Active Contributor (Team player) and Confident performer (Confident person). Other lifelong skills such as, self- management skills, social and cooperative skills also develop pupils’ social and emotional learning.

The stated strategies add value to the every pupil’s sports journey at Rulang. Since it is broad based and spans over six years, the pupil will be able to learn from many different experiences. For the pupils who display interest and have talent, they have an opportunity to deepen their involvement. This talented pupils will be placed in the sports CCA of their choice:

Rope Skipping (boys and girls)
LLP Skipping.jpg
Wushu (boys and girls)
LLP Wushu.jpg
Softball (girls)
LLP Softball.jpg
Through this CCA platform, the pupils will gain further knowledge of their chosen sport. Opportunities will arise for them to represent school at the national school games and be part of other sporting events at the community and national levels.