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Parent Support Group

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Since its inception in 2006, the Parents Support Group (PSG) of Rulang Primary School has played a pivotal role in engaging parents of our existing students, in support of our children's education. In strengthening ties with the School, the PSG actively participates and supports in various school programmes and functions such as the annual Racial Harmony Day celebrations, Mother Tongue Fortnight and Earth Day activities, just to name a few. Since 2014, the PSG also leads the organisation of the annual Teachers' Day Concert in appreciation of our children's dedicated teachers, through performances and gifts put together by participating parents and selected students.  

To add value to our pupils' learning in the social and moral domains, the School has also invited the PSG to introduce new initiatives to support talks and workshops for our children, in areas such as cyberwellness and mental well-being. Networking workshops, field trips and interest workshops are also periodically organised by the PSG for fellow parents. Parenting Parents Workshops are also being developed to enhance mutual parents support.  

The PSG truly believes that parental involvement in the School and PSG programmes and events sends strong signals to our children that their parents have keen interest in their education and learning journey, thereby leading to stronger bonds forged within the family.  

 To find out more about the PSG, please feel free to contact the PSG Executive Committee at:  

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