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Aesthetic (Art and Music)



Reflective, Proactive and Sagacious aesthetes in a vibrant community


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The pervasiveness of the Aesthetics in the holistic development in our pupils cannot be under-estimated. It plays a vital role in the holistic development of our pupils and is very much prevalent in our daily lives.

In Rulang, we strive to equip our pupils with creativity and build self-esteem and confidence in them, and in the process, open doors to imagination and discovery. Daniel H.Pink (2005) stated that, “ the left hemisphere knows how to handle logic and the right hemisphere knows the world. Put the two together and one gets a powerful thinking machine.”. Hence it is crucial that our pupils attain the skills and processes in these areas during their fundamental years to enable them to develop and grow to their fullest potential. All Rulangnites are given the opportunity to explore the audio and visual world, communicate thoughts and feelings and form concepts about themselves and their environment. Aesthetics Education in Rulang is embraced through a developmental approach in equipping foundational skills in areas like visual arts, performing arts, literary arts and music.

Key Learning Experiences
02 Objectives.jpgObjectives:
The objectives and outcomes of Art & Craft and Music are to:
- Promote interest of the pupils in the Arts to enable them to find an area of interest that they can excel in
- Provide pupils an avenue to showcase their aesthetic talents during their primary school education in Rulang.
- Expose pupils to the various forms of the Arts, the opportunity to learn and develop skills and talents in the Arts in provided
- Cater to the needs of pupils who are talented in a specific area of the Arts and they are presented with the opportunity to learn, grow and develop themselves in the areas they excel in.

Desired Outcomes
03 Desired Outcome 2.jpg 03 Desired Outcome 1.jpg

Through the school’s Aesthetics Education, we aim to develop in pupils:
  • Pupils are able to acquire an appreciation of the Aesthetics
  • Pupils are provided with avenues to harness their aesthetics talents
  • Pupils are confident in expressing themselves in the Aesthetics
  • Pupils are imaginative in the Arts / Music creation

Ability-driven and Differentiated Teaching and Learning Programmes
In harnessing potential as well as capabilities in pupils, Aesthetic programme is differentiated to meet the learning needs of different groups of pupils. This notion is clearly charted below:

Mass Talented
Art & Crafts
  • I love Pottery
  • Co-curricular Special Project
  • Curriculum which encompasses 2D, 3D and Digital Arts
  • PAL (P1 and P2)
  • Art Club
  • SYF Art

Mass Talented
  • Music Comes Alive Using Vivaldi Approach
  • Choral Singing
  • Playing with instruments - Ocarina, Recorders, Ukelele
  • PAL (P1 and P2)
  • SYF (Choir, Symphonic Band and Chinese Orchestra)

Visual Arts

Rulang Aesthetics Xcellent (RAX)

Rulang Primary School promotes excellence in the Visual Arts by providing opportunities for every pupil to experience it through: creative and fun lessons, learning journeys and assembly programmes. These authentic experiences in our Visual Arts Programme provide platforms for pupils to develop skills such as observation, interpretation and valuing diversity.

The spiral art curriculum, which is built upon the previous level on a yearly basis, also aims to expose pupils to different mediums as well as art forms. This is to enhance their creative and expressive capacities, thereby boosting their confidence and abilities. Pupils who develop a special interest or display artistic talent in specific areas are given further opportunities to specialise and develop their potential in the respective art forms. Through these programmes, Rulang pupils will be guided towards excellence in both the national and international arena.

Visual Art Curriculum Plan
04 Visual Arts Education in Rulang.JPG
I Love Pottery
05 I love Pottery 1.jpg
05 I love Pottery 2.jpg

P1 and P2 Visual Arts Curriculum
Drawing and Painting Lesson
06 P1 P2 Visual Arts Curriculum - Drawing Painting 1.jpg
06 P1 P2 Visual Arts Curriculum - Drawing Painting 2.jpg

Gallery Walk & Art Appreciation Lesson
06 P1 P2 Visual Arts Curriculum - Gallery Walk 3.jpg
Doodling with Clay Lesson
06 P1 P2 Visual Arts Curriculum - Doodling with Clay 4.jpg
Sculpture Making
06 P1 P2 Visual Arts Curriculum - Sculpture.jpg
P3 and P4 Visual Arts Curriculum
Paper Sculpting Lesson
07 P3 P4 Visual Arts Curriculum - Paper Sculpting 1.jpg
Drawing and Painting Lesson
07 P3 P4 Visual Arts Curriculum - Drawing and Painting.jpg
Digital Art using Wacom Pad
07 P3 P4 Visual Arts Curriculum - Museum Based Learning 4.jpg
P5 and P6 Visual Arts Curriculum
Still Life Drawing: "Inspired by Georgette Chan"
08 P5 P6 Visual Arts Curriculum - Still Life 1.jpg

08 P5 P6 Visual Arts Curriculum - Still Life 2.jpg
08 P5 P6 Visual Arts Curriculum - Still Life 3.jpg


09 Music Framewok in Rulang.JPG
Rulang’s pupils are given opportunities to develop their creativity, express and showcase themselves through various platforms and appreciate Singapore’s multi-cultural heritage through diverse learning experiences in Music throughout their primary school years. Thus, these provides opportunities for our pupils to demonstrate teamwork, values in action, develop social-emotional skills and leadership qualities which in turn hone the 21st century competencies.

P1 and P2 Music Curriculum
09 P1 P2 Music Curriculum 1.jpg
09 P1 P2 Music Curriculum 2.jpg
09 P1 P2 Music Curriculum 3.jpg
P3 and P4 Music Curriculum
09 P3 P4 Music Curriculum 1.jpg
09 P3 P4 Music Curriculum 3.jpg
09 P3 P4 Music Curriculum 2.jpg
P5 and P6 Music Curriculum
09 P5 P6 Music Curriculum 1.jpg