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Self-disciplined and Gracious Rulangnites


To nurture self-disciplined and gracious Rulangnites in a warm, caring and supportive school environment

IMG_0035.jpgRulang views character development as a vital vehicle to achieve the school vision of being “A Gallery of 
Scholars, A Vibrant Community of Wholesome Individuals”. The “Gallery of Scholars” serves to remind Rulangnites of their rootedness to the Jurong community. The “Vibrant Community of Wholesome Individuals” refers to an innovative and exciting learning community where individuals are nurtured holistically and imbued with school values. Character development is pervasive within the school’s TRUE HEARTs culture and reflected through the seven core values adopted by both staff and pupils - to be morally upright, gracious, creative and innovative, adaptable, self-disciplined, excellent and a risk taker. The school’s motto “Morally Upright” is the pinnacle of the core values which serve as the guiding principle for all Rulangnites in their quest for excellence. The Character Development Framework comprising 5 arms of Socialisation, Citizenship, Entrepreneurship. Leadership, Internationalisation is implemented systematically by level with gradual progression over six years of education.

In order for pupils to take personal ownership for their character development, a personal character development - CELL (Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Learning) booklet was designed for all pupils to reflect on the attributes they have demonstrated after discussions with teachers on a one-to-one basis. Parents would also give their reflections and assessments of pupils’ progress in their character development.

IMG_1074.jpgThe school factors in a period a week for the conduct of GIFTS (Generating Interactions for Total Socialisation) Programme on National Education, Lifeskills/Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurial skills and Character Development Lessons. Through scenario studies and experiential learning, we hope to instil in pupils sound social and moral values as well as the desired attributes of a citizen, an entrepreneur and a leader.


As we develop in our young charges a global mindset, it is also vital to foster in them an emotional attachment to Singapore. The school looks into ways to maximise opportunities for her pupils to serve and lead themselves in national events such as the Wushu display during our Nation’s 41st National Day Pre-Parade Celebrations, the “Connect Singapore: Hand-in-Hand, A Nation We Stand” event in 2008 and this year’s annual Chingay Parade. With the emphasis on character development and student leadership development, we are proud to be awarded the Outstanding Development Award for Character Development which recognises schools with comprehensive and effective character development efforts.