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Vision and Philosophy 


Confident Competent Communicators


English, like all other languages, is a means of communication and expression. English has become the medium by which most of us gain access to information and knowledge from around the world. In Rulang, the English Language Department is committed in providing high quality English Language learning experiences for our pupils through the integration of literacy skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. We adopt various strategies to equip our pupils with skills to express themselves effectively in both speech and writing.


English STELLAR Pedagogic Framework_Pic 1.jpg
English Upper Primary Framework_Pic 2.jpg

Examples of Language Activites 

English Activities_Picture 1_Bollywood.jpgSEEDSTELLAR cum SEED-based experiential learning journey to Bollywood Veggies Farm for Primary One pupils where they get to explore and develop a sense of wonder and curiosity about the environment and nature.
 English Activities_Picture 2_MLEA.jpgModified Language Experience Approach (MLEA)
Hands-on activity where pupils learn, by demonstration and experiment, how to pot their own plants.
English Activities_Picture 3_MRL Week.jpg Media Resource Library (MRL) Week
I-Read Book Recommendation Poster Competition in conjunction with MRL Week. Pupils create posters to encourage their peers to read the books that they have recommended
English Activities_Picture 4_Winners for IRead Posters.jpgWinners of I-Read Book Recommendation Poster Competition
English Activities_Picture 5_MRL cum Aesthetic Week.jpg MRL Cum Aesthetics Week
Primary One pupils put up a short skit on their favourite fruit.
English Activities_Picture 6_Shared Book Approach.jpg Shared Book Approach – Big book reading
 English Activities_Picture 7_Differeniated learning.jpgDifferentiated Learning
through Learning Centres - World Study Centre
 English Activities_Picture 8_Listening Centre.jpgDifferentiated Learning
through Learning Centres - World Study Centre
English Activities_Picture 9_Group Writing.jpg Collaborative Learning - Group Writing