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Maths.pngThe Mathematics Department provides a conducive environment for:
1. Rulang Teachers to develop and sustain their passion for teaching Mathematics.
2. Rulangnites to:
  • Acquire thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognition skill
  • find joy in learning Mathematics


1. Every Rulang Mathematics Teacher a specialist in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
2. Every Rulangnite an Engaged Learner of Mathematics


Rulang’s philosophy:

We believe that given the right environment and support, every Rulangnite can EXCEL.

The Mathematics Department is committed to providing the teachers and pupils with the right environment and support so that:
  • The teachers will become specialists in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics, with their passion for teaching Mathematics sustained 
  • Rulangnites will become Engaged Learners of Mathematics 

With engaging learners as our focus, the environment which the department would like to create is one where:
  • Assessments and Learning Experiences are meaningful and well-balanced 
  • Curriculum Innovations are meaningful and well-balanced 
  • Mathematics Teachers are committed to improving themselves in order to seek breakthroughs