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Inquiring Minds, Lifelong Learners


P4030772.jpgScience comprises a body of knowledge about the world around us. We believe that the attempt to understand the world is the study of Science. This comes with the set of skills and processes that this knowledge is acquired, synthesised, evaluated and applied. The acquisition of Science knowledge and the set of skills can be realised through the use of problem solving exercises and practical investigations of the environment.

In Rulang, Science is celebrated through multi-faceted activities at different levels to imbue the spirit of scientific inquiry. The learning of Science is stretched beyond the four walls of the classroom to enrich pupils’ experience and enhance their understanding on the subject. Through the harnessing of knowledge, understanding and application skills and processes as well as ethic and attitudes, it is hoped that pupils will better appreciate the diversity in both Physical and Life Sciences. To maximise pupils’ experience and learning, the department has put in place initiatives that complement the formal Science Curriculum Framework.

IMG_0726.jpgThe Science Belt is a conducive environment for the learning of Science at a young age. It enables pupils to acquire Science concepts and apply process skills in a real and vibrant learning environment. Pupils learn more about Science concepts such as reproduction of plants, adaptations of aquatic plants and the life cycle of butterflies through observation and experiential learning. This would also give pupils the platform to harness their creativity while acquiring basic scientific concepts.

To ignite pupils’ passion in Science, interconnectedness and relevance of the subject is made prevalent in our 
annual event, Nature Walk cum Sensory Trail. It is a deliberate attempt to provide opportunities for inquiry learning to take place in an informal setting. Pupils complete differentiated level activities which infuse English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics, National Education and Information and Communication Technology for different application of scientific concepts.


The Mini Water Recycling Plant and Rainwater Harvesting System, two projects in partnership with Mann+Hummel, NEA and PUB, were initiated to teach our pupils more about water conservation. In our effort to reach out to the community, our Science Student Leaders lead the annual visits of K2 pupils from the neighbouring kindergartens to learn more about the recycling plants through colouring books and brochures designed by our own pupils.

With the initiatives complementing the formal curriculum, it is hoped that every Rulangnites will be constantly enthused and driven in seeking knowledge. It has been the departmental vision to see that all Rulangnites develop to be inquiring thinkers and lifelong learners.