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Programme for Active Learning

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

In Rulang Primary School, all Primary 1 and 2 pupils undergo PAL modules as part of the holistic education during the curriculum time. PAL modules provide pupils with broad exposure in three areas- Performing and Visual Arts, Sports and Games and Outdoor Education.

The implementation of PAL provides additional platforms to realise the desired outcomes of education, i.e. for every pupil to be a confident person, a self-directed learner, an active contributor and a concerned citizen as reflected in the objectives of the programme below.

To develop
  • confidence as they enjoy individual and group experiences through active participation 
  • self-directed learners with a social conscience to want to contribute to society at large 
  • a sense of curiosity, creativity and adaptability as a result of their PAL experiences 
  • self-expression of thoughts and ideas through experimentation 

The philosophy that guides us in the PAL implementation is our belief in providing a supportive and inviting social environment to make learning fun and engaging. With that, PAL lessons are crafted based on the unique P.R.I.S.M strategy- Play. Rehearse. Internalise. Shine. Motivate.

In summary, PAL aims to facilitate the well-rounded development of pupils in the five learning domains (cognitive, moral, social, aesthetics and physical) and help pupils to develop social emotional competencies.

Primary 1 (ILOVEKampung Games)

Primary 1 (ILOVEArtyfacts)

Primary 1 (ILOVEDance ‘n’ Drama)

Primary 2 (IYMusic)
P2 I Love Music 1.jpg
P2 I Love Music 2.jpg

Primary 2 (ILOVENature)
P2 I Love Nature 1.jpg
P2 I Love Nature 2.jpg

Primary 2 (ILOVEGames)
P2 I Love Games 1.jpg
P2 I Love Games 2.jpg