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Rulang Primary School Alumni Association (RPSAA)

A group of passionate alumni started the Rulang Primary School Alumni Association (RPSAA) in 1998 and the feelings of attachment have been strong through the years. The Alumni Association’s first president was Mr Chew Chin Seng who helmed the association from its inception to 2002 after which the mantle of leadership was passed on to Mr Tan Teck Yoke who led the association to 2016, after serving the association for 14 years. Mr Wee Hang Yong was elected to be the third president of the society in 2016.

The main objectives of the RPSAA are:
(i)   to promote fellowship among members of the Rulang Primary School Alumni Association
(ii)  to show love and commitment to our alma mater
(iii) to create a better understanding of the school and
(iv) to seek opportunities to collaborate with the school so as to provide a holistic education for the pupils.

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Rulang Primary School Alumni Association (RPSAA) has been instrumental in contributing to the school’s progress from a village school to a school of excellence through the provision of financial and expertise support for our talent development programmes.

The RPSAA has been sponsoring pupils for:
(i)  CCA Individual Outstanding Achievement Award
(ii) Student All Round Achievement Award,
(iii) scholarships for the top 3 pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6 and the
(iv) Passion Fund for pupils selected for the GEP programme.

The RPSAA has also been providing sponsorship to the school’s various programmes such as:
(i) The publication of the CELL (Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Learning) Booklet for the school’s Character Development Programme in 2007
(ii) The action research carried out by our Student Leaders.

Seeing the Alumni Association working in tandem and supporting their alma mater has served to inspire and develop in Rulangnites graciousness and a sense of altruism.

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RPSAA Executive Committee

PostsNames of RPSAA Members


Wee Hang Yong

Vice President

Tan Poh Kok

 Vice President

 Tang Kim Shen July


 Hon Sok Fang

 Assistant Secretary Wong Ming Fei Faith


 Tay Sok Hoon Addarline

 Assistant Treasurer

 Yow Sze Inn Angelia

 Public Relations

 Ang Chang Pin Tallin
Chua Ming Han Ryan
Durga Devi
Teu Kok Wee Thomas

 Recreation Officer

 Tan Hong Key Andy
Tang Teck Choon
Lee Hui Bein Jacqueline
Tan Kok Huat Richard
Teow Siok Khim Elen

Committee Member 

 Ang Choon Leong Bob
Wong Ming Koon Joshua
Low Chee Kiong Patrick
Bih Jeng Jasmine
Lim Guam Hong Eldon
Wong Kwan Pooi June
Lim Tze Ter
Ng Chun Peng
Misliah Bte Homgah
Lim Yan Jiun
Kuan Wen Pin


RPSAA Patrons

Mr Tan Fuh Gih, BBM

Mr Tan Teck Yoke, PBM
(Mr Tan was the President of the association from 2012 to 2016, the longest serving President to date)

 Mdm Low Chew Yun

 Mr Ng Poh Wah, PBM
(Mr Ng has also set-up a separate fund for needy pupils of Rulang Primary School. He is an alumnus who is well remembered by the teachers. While being a patron of the RPSAA, Mr Ng also sits in the management committee of the SAC as the Vice Chairman. 
 Mr Chew Chin Seng

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