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School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) has, for decades, been actively involved in all aspects of the school programmes, and are ardent supporters both in deed and time of our quest to provide a holistic education for our pupils. Our SAC patron advisor, Dr Ho Kah Leong, has generously donated one of his paintings to help raise funds for school projects in 2005.
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01 SAC2.jpgLed by Mr Steven Tan, who took over the chairmanship in 2006 from Mr Ng Hong who was the SAC Chairman 
from1984 to 2005, the SAC takes pride in being involved in transmitting the school values and culture to our pupils through its involvement in various school programmes. The SAC provides financial and expertise support for our innovative projects and the Talent Development Programmes as well as creates opportunities for pupils to realise their potential in academic subjects, robotics, sports, visual and performing arts. Examples of their recent sponsorship of major projects include the creation of the CLAPS (Community Leaders And Pioneers of Singapore) Wall and the “Joining The Dots” Gallery. With the interactive exhibits at these learning spaces, pupils learn more about the pioneers and community leaders of Singapore as well as the cultural differences in ASEAN countries. They develop a sense of appreciation for what our forefathers have done to contribute to the nation and how they, as young leaders themselves, can give back to society.

01 SAC3.jpgThe SAC also sources for opportunities for Rulangnites to contribute to the community by providing us with the links to the grassroots, thus giving Rulangnites an avenue to develop a deeper sense of rootedness to the community and the nation.